The inspiration for the ‘Speedo LZR Racer X Fire Project’ came about after perusing through concept art from The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring and coming across designs for the Balrog engulfed in flames, during the confrontation with Gandalf at the Bridge of Khazad-dûm.

Taking the latest Speedo LZR Racer X, the most technically advanced racing suit in the World, as a starting point, I decided I wanted to create an advert that reflected the performance and power the suit embodies.

Fire is the embodiment of energy, power, change and purification. I decided to focus my design around the theme of fire, due to it’s symbolic reference to the attributes above.

Once the theme had been decided upon, I began to brainstorm advertising slogans that would be representative of the theme. I wanted something that was short and catchy, help the product to stand out, but ultimately, tell the ‘consumer’ what need / desire the brand ( Speedo ) is going to fulfil. I settled on "If you can’t stand the heat…" – basically stating, only those who completely embody / become one with the suit can harness its full potential.

The images associated with this post detail the final image manipulation and highlight areas of interest; the implementation of subtle grain, fire and associated heat haze, sparks, colour balance and arc effects used to bring the image to life.

You can then see how the final advert design incorporates the image and reflects the overall theme I was trying to convey. Again, I have highlighted subtle details on the advert; the fire & blur on certain letters of the slogan, social media icons and the faded lines that overlay the red blocks & line breaks.

From start to finish, including planning, conception and design, this project has taken the best part of two weeks ( working for a couple of hours in the evenings ) – experimenting with different layer styles and effects. I am happy with the final outcome and have learned & applied a number of new techniques during the design process of this project.

Here you will find creatives (email campaign / responsive homepage banners / social media marketing material / icons) I designed to promote Swimshop’s latest promotion in collaboration with Luckycycle. The promotion offers our customers the opportunity to win their basket for free, through a digital scratch card game. The idea is to entice our customers with the ‘carrot’ so that they play, share and play the game again – potentially increasing customer engagement and revenue and profit.

The promotion has been live for a couple of weeks now with statistics currently sitting at – participation rate: 40% (it’s still relatively new, but engagement is continually increasing through social networking shares), revenue: £59,302, cost: £1019. The early success and strong creative continuity of the campaign has caught the attention of a PR agency, who recently interviewed me so that they can run a press release on the promotion.

Luckycycle are offer pioneering online sales promotion tools to help your business boost clickthrough rates and sales. It has been a pleasure to be part of the creative process and working with forward thinking, likeminded individuals.

If you want to learn how to differentiate your business, create social buzz, engage better with your customers and increase your KPIs please contact David Sibley at Luckycycle come very highly recommended and you won’t be disappointed.