Lightseekers CDU Packaging

For the physical Lightseekers wave 4 cards to be displayed in outlets, high quality counter display unit packaging was required. The CDU packaging houses the booster packs for wave 4.

  • Role Graphic Designer
  • For PlayFusion
  • Date January 2019
  • Type Print / Packaging

When approaching the wave 4 CDU artwork I looked at the past packaging and evaluated areas which might be improved. One area I thought could be improved was the way the artwork was displayed across the panels; on previous CDU packaging there were clear divides on each panel. I thought it might work better if the side and front panels were one seamless piece of artwork. I also wanted to show all of the different orders for the game (there are six different orders/factions for the game: Astral, Dread, Mountain, Nature, Storm, Tech). I decided to use subtle colour alterations for each faction to different them - Astral: gold, Dread: purple, Mountain: red, Nature:green, Storm:blue and Tech: orange.

All of the backgrounds were created from scratch and blended in to each other so that the artwork looked as though it was one. Effects such as fog, lightening, sparks and light reflections on the characters were created to blend the artwork together and add depth and subtle variations to the various orders.