Lightseekers Nintendo Switch Social Countdown

To build up momentum a week before the launch of the Lightseekers Kindred digital card game on the Nintendo Switch the social team tasked me with coming up with a set of countdown images they could share with the Lightseekers community. I decided to provide them with six options; one for each order from the Lightseekers game.

  • Role Graphic Designer
  • For PlayFusion
  • Date January 2019
  • Type Digital / Social / Promotional

I wanted the designs to be simple but effective - going for less is more. The key was to have the artwork front and centre. The countdown icon was built from a number of Lightseekers assets (button, rifts, physical card border art) that were manipulated and blended together.

To keep the emphasis on the artwork I made subtle shifts to the curves, colour balance, levels, brightness/contrast and added in extra effects to enhance the artwork.