Thought Email Creatives

The brief for Thought tasked me to look at the brand and come up with a new look-and-feel for their email creatives taking inspiration from their sustainable approach to fashion.

  • Role Graphic Designer
  • For Thought
  • Date September 2018
  • Type Digital / Marketing

The email design is based off three separate grid systems; each one built to around the importance of white space, allowing imagery to breathe, the use of key phrases to emphasise messaging and image placement that would allow for a cohesive design. I wanted the flexibility to be able to keep the design composition fluid.

The grids were built around font size and how I wanted imagery to sit within the creative, whether that be the use of overlapping imagery or text that is descriptive and inspirational. I wanted the flexibility to be able to keep the design composition fluid and engaging.

The look and feel of each creative was very considered, taking into consideration the brand ethos of Thought; sustainable fabrics, conscious supply and considered design. Building a robust grid system taking these into consideration allowed me to sustain the needs of the designs I had in mind.

The complexity of each grid allowed the images boxes to be moved around and placed freely, overlapped in such a way that they would sit naturally and cohesively - keeping the look and feel consistent from a simple template to a more complex design.

I produced a few botanical sketches used sparingly over some of the designs produced to help push the 'green' message. I scanned them in and vectorised the artwork in Illustrator, but making sure to keep the hand-draw aesthetic.